Keeping Your Teeth Healthy… Year After Year

Our mission is to create a lifelong connection with you and generations of your family. We have been serving members of our community with quality dental care for decades! Dr. Gaines and Dr. Buckner foster an upbeat, pleasant environment that members of the community have grown to know and enjoy. We advocate for our patients, concentrate on minimally invasive treatment, and deliver gentle care to everyone we treat. As our patient, you’ll experience the most relaxing and comfortable dental visit imaginable.

Dental Care that Begins with a Smile

Enter as a Patient… Leave as a Friend

We Appreciate Our Patients!

We are delighted to serve you, your family, and members of the Macon community! Our doctors, hygienists, assistants, and everyone on our staff keeps up to date on the ever-evolving field of dentistry. Not only do we want you to realize the benefits of advanced dental techniques, but we want you to enjoy a lifetime of looking and feeling your best. If there is anything specific we can do to prepare for your visit, please do not hesitate to let us know ahead of time. We appreciate everyone that places their trust in us, and we thank you for your decades of loyalty! 

Conservative Treatment

The term conservative dentistry means we do everything we can to save the healthy structure of your tooth. We believe conservative treatment is in your best interest and gives you the greatest chance for a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth.

Long-Lasting Results

Nobody wants to pay for multiple treatments for the same dental problem year after year. We believe in proper dental treatment the first time. When a tooth is restored correctly, the results can last years and possibly decades without the need for an additional procedure.